Has the Select command changed in the WIP?

A long time ago I wrote a little macro to use the E key to delete objects. That came from our Cadkey days where E would “erase” objects. I noticed that if you pre-select objects in the WIP this macro no longer works:

! Select pause Delete

Invoking the macro and then selecting objects works fine, but it fails when pre-selecting. I know the obvious answer is to use the delete key, but after almost 30 years of using E to “erase” objects that’s going to be hard to break that muscle memory. :laughing:



Can’t you make an alias “E” that runs ! _Delete? That should automatically ask you to select objects if none are selected.

Yes, you’re right. Maybe I should take a look at some of these old macros I wrote for Rhino 1.1. Probably a few others that don’t make sense anymore!! :laughing:

Thanks Mitch,


edit: Although this solution works, there sure seems to be a difference with the select command between Rhino 7 and 8. Select in 8 does not seem to allow pre-selection like it does in 7. It might not matter in this case, but I’m sure it will at some point.

Hi Dan - Yes… RH-68170 Selection: Allows Select command to add more objects when some objects are pre-selected


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