Gumball Scaling?

When scaling in gumball I can hold shift to scale uniformly while dragging, however if I want to enter a scale value, for instance click the square and type a number, I can’t figure out how to scale uniformly. Any help?


Hi Don- hold Shift while you click the handle.


Well there is one thing I didn’t try.

Thank You!

Can the uniform scale still be done with the gumball by typing in a numeric value? I tried holding shift, and typing in a number, (like mentioned above) but nothing happened.


Hi ShubinJ- Shift-click


Pascal, I’m doing that, but it’s not working. The box to enter a number is displayed, but when a number is entered and I hit enter, nothing happens.

  1. I click the object, gumball appears.
  2. I press shift and click one of the square handles.
  3. Release shift and enter a numeric value.
  4. Enter.

Nothing happens.

Hi ShubinJ- what you describe is exactly what I would expect to work and does work for me - I’m not sure what to suggest… normal Windows, no Parallels or anything like that involved?


Now its working. Requesting help seems to magically fix stuff, lol.

I see that all the time… Rhino just does not want to bother to argue any more, sometimes.


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