Gumball oddities - V5 and WIP


In the file below, in V5 or the WIP, ctrl+shift+ pick the 4 outer border edges of the surface. Then shift-click a scale handle and pull outward some to enlarge the surface. The 4 inner borders - not sub-object selected - come with the outer borders. I do not consider this “expected” behavior… Undo, then sub-select the inner 4 borders, and shift+scale handle them towards the inside (i.e. make the hole smaller). This works as expected, the outer borders “stay put”…

The same behavior in the WIP… with an added Gumball wrinkle which I have not noticed before… If I subselect any border, I get the multi-selection menu whether I want to select the border, or the whole surface… I HOPE that this is a bug and not new intended behavior… It makes Gumball selecting surface edges pretty much useless otherwise.


GumballScale.3dm (34.1 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Mitch - thanks, I see both of these…
Regular scaling does the same thing, btw, I don’t think this is a Gumby thing, particularly. I bet the selection is easier to fix…