Gumball idea

What if…

You click one of the arrows to get the dimension box and instead of entering just one number you entere two or three separated by commas - and the object(s) move that relative distance in X, Y and Z? (we have to resolve whether this moves in world or cplane coordinates, but you get the idea…)

What if…

You click on one of the little plane icons and get a box like you get with the arrowheads - where you could enter an “x”, “y” coordinate which moves the objects relative in that plane?



Hi Mitch -

Shouldn’t it move in Gumby coordinates? That seems like it would be the advantage. Maybe I don’t get what you are suggesting.

If you entered more than one number in say the green arrow slot, how should these be interpreted? x,y? y,z? , would they always be considered in x,y,z order regardless of which arrow you picked?


Yeah, that’s sorta what I meant - and the world/cplane was in respect to Gumby coordinates… The difference is whether the x,y,z will always be mapped to red/green/blue, or whether x will be mapped to the arrow you click on and y,z mapped to the other two according to the right hand rule… or something like that. It’s confusing I guess. Just looking for a nice way to make a 2 or 3 axis move in one shot with Gumby…


Hi Mitch - OK, I see - I guess off hand, my inclination would be to always require one or three numbers - if three, then they would be taken as Gumby x,y,z regardless of the arrow you’re typing in.


We might not be too far away from this already. Currently, if you grab the gumby by the plane (and before letting go of it), you can type 2 coordinates to move in those two directions.

Well, I’m thinking to a different meaning for a list of numbers:
typing 20,50,100 might create three copies of the selected object, moved by 20 , 50 and 100 units along the picked arrow.
I also would like to be able to type, say, 50*8 and get eight copies of the objects, moved by 50, 100, 150, …, 400 units. Now I have to repeatedly click the same arrow and type the same length again and again to do that … or run Array, that is.
I think any Rhino user has his/her own preferences about improving the Gumball.
What about giving it a little command language on its own ? :smiley: