Gumball alignment / moving vertices in specific direction

How to align gumball (vertex move) along near edges or how to move mesh edge/vertices along near edges. Something like extend. I want to have green Gumball arrow in same direction as blue arrow (same as near edge).


I’ve found that the slide command gives me something similar to what I want but please tell me how to do it right if I want to move it more than that curve length (now it’s limited to that white line). I`ve moved it a few mm but I would like to move it more without repeating the slide command again. Is that possible?

I need this kind of transformation quite often and created a shortcut to align a CPlane to an edge.

You can create a button with the following commands:

! _GumballAlignment _Object _CPlane _Gumball


Could you tell me how it works? Should I have the point selected and after triggering your command should I click into demanded edge?

If you create a custom button like I did, you need to select the edge which shows the Gumball then use the button to align the CPlane to the Gumball. The right mouse button command aligns the Gumball to an edge and thus also the CPlane to the edge. After that is done you can move the point with the Gumball.

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Thanks a lot @martinsiegrist. I haven`t known that. You helped me a lot.

In Modo both ways of moving vertices/edges/polygons along edges vertices/edges/polygons are the most important features IMHO during subd modeling. I’m quite amazed at how complicated it is in Rhino. IMO that should be easier by default. When you want to change the direction of a gumball it`s much more time consuming than one click in Modo.



Are you aware of the slide command direction option?

I don`t understand.

When you’re using the Slide command, you can tap D to change the slide direction.

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@martinsiegrist this is very useful, thanks for sharing, much appreciated :+1:t3:

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Thank you. I will use both often if you don`t mind :wink:

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Hello- it will not be one click but there are a couple of ways to get the effect, or something like it.

  1. GumballRelocate (Click once to set the orign, optinally click twice more to set the plane)
  2. DragMode > ControlPolygon
  3. Tab direction lock while dragging the point or the gumball plane.




I’ve modified it a bit. LMB: cplane to object, RMB: gumball to cplane. Now it`s more close to that what I used to have in Modo I think.


Could you record a short movie about that? I can`t get it.

I have a few feature requests which are not important:

  • give gumball alignment command option for other external objects than that are currently selected (I think those solutions are not straightforward for beginners),
  • create some cpanel reset command or option. I think it`s not obvious for beginners that _Cplane _World _Top is the same as what would give you the _Cpanel _Reset if would exist.

I know that you have a ton more important things to do that’s why I`ve written that is not important. I will use solutions from that thread.

Thanks for your help.

Hello - it looks like you have it handled with your macros but-

in case it helps.


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That DragMode ControlPolygon is amazing :slight_smile:

Do you know any other way to move CP in some direction from the same surface (without creating an external line)?

Gumball set to align by object should align gumball to the U and N of a surface for a single point selection.Is that what you mean?


No. Maybe in that current above scenario it`s pointless, but I would like to move the point in direction of any dashed line from the same surface. I can do it in the same way as it is on gif above when I will draw external line between CP to use that as source for Cplane.