Gumball - 2 axis grid handle disappeared

It seems like the “2 axis grid handle” of the gumball has disappeared on my rhino.
(The handle that allowed moving an object in e.g red/blue plane)

Has this been removed (for good)?
Where can I re-activate it?

I got totally used to it and miss the feature a lot.


Hi Frank- does ‘Plane size’ in Options > Modeling aids > Gumball look reasonable?


hi pascal,

thanks for the quick answer!
It was indeed the “plane location” value set to 0 plus “plane size” set to 10 leading to an invisible plane.

This happened on two different machines that have nothing in common but a frequent RC update cycle.
So I assume the setting changed on it’s own. I never fiddled in that corner of the options panel.

Could it be the updates caused these settings to have changed?

  • Frank

@mikko - any idea here??