Grouping Lines in Paths/Branches based on the Connections

Hi there,
I have a series of curves that I would like to be able to group into individual paths/branches based on whether they are connected to each other (as in have them in branches {0},{1},{2} respective to their connections to other lines).

Curves to Group by (2.7 KB)

Hoping I can get a solution to this.

Getting there but there must be an easier way? I got the pink areas “joined” in the same branch but the remaining lines connected to the “islands” require three of them to be consolidated into the third branch ({2}):thinking: I’ve had enough fun for now.

Curves to Group by (27.4 KB)

Hey, check this out.

Curves to Group by (15.0 KB)

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When you find yourself beating your head against the wall, take a break! You’re probably on the wrong path and a simpler idea will quickly occur to you. Works for me.

Curves to Group by (19.4 KB)


Check this as well.

Curves to Group by (13.7 KB)


Thank you for the reply!

Thank you all for the replies! The help was greatly appreciated!