Grouping branches with branch selector


I am trying to select and group certain branches into one list. In the image, Above the paths are provided that need to be grouped. The resulting structure of the data tree is correct however the values are off. It seems to be picking the first path provided and multiplying this with the list length.

Should I use the select branch component in a different manner, since I am not inserting the data in {}. How am I able to do this, or am I making a different mistake ?

The same issue remains when inserting the data in a different manner.

maybe right click on the tree branch component and disable Maintain Paths ?

The images shown were made with maintain path. When renumbering the paths, the grouping does not work. The branches are however provided in the right order [0-1-4] of the previous image, see new image. I could get the same result if I would be able to partition the branches, as a partition list component does within a list. Is there a method to do so ?

thank you for your reply !

yes, you are right
this should work! (13.0 KB)

Aah ofcourse, missed this step. Thank You!