Group geometry and tags

Hello everyone. I want to bake a grouped geometry including the tag of the geometry (as shown in the image below). The problem is that as tags do not have outputs I can’t include the tags in the group I want to bake. Any ideas?

Hi. @Camilo_Cifuentes1
Although there is no output of Text TagorText Tag 3D, bake is still possible.
You can click right mouse button on the component and select bake from the menu.
BTW, if you want to create a group with text in GH environment, Elefront plugin have DefineTextand Define Text Dotcomponents with text output.

Thanks, I will try that.

Do you know if Elefront works with Rhino 6?

I installed it for R5, but R6 automatically loads the plugin. Maybe it will be available.

It does not seem to work in R6. I will keep looking for another solution.

Yeah, Elefront does not seem towork in Rhino 6. You could try with FOX, it has a text component with text as curves output.

I’m running R6 and Elefront works just fine…
I know that a lot of R5 plugins are recompiled for R6 to work, so, in this case, if R6 alone is installed, will plugins for R5 not work?
Should install R5 and R6 together? Have no idea…

Yes It works but, can you bake them? I couldn’t bake it.