Grosshopper Solids splitting on givin planes

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i need to know how to split solids on given planes are curves. i tried but failed so need some guidence from experts here with simple gh function bec its for learning.
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Hi @mainisl2,

You need to make a planar surface at the desired planes and use split multiple brep component to split into pieces. Make sure the plane surface is big enough to cut through the entire solid.



The hole inside the bridge adds a bit of complication to this.

If you start with the outer surface of the bridge as open polysurface, it’s still fairly straight forward.

  1. Outer surface is split into a number of open breps.
  2. Breps are capped into closed breps.
  3. The inside is subtracted from the closed breps. (20.2 KB)

PS: in general, it would be nice if you posted your file.

If grasshopper is not working you can try RhinoCommon,

Closed breps can be split in solids by other surfaces.

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That was amazing.
Thanks for the help.

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