Gravity Sketch and Rhino in 2021

Does anyone know the current status of Gravity Sketch and its Rhino plugin? Does it even work with V7?

The original business structure for GS seemed to be clear and simple: An ‘amateur’ version which was low cost one-off fee, didn’t offer the Rhino plugin and only handled io of mesh files/.obj. Then a ‘business’ version which had a pretty steep monthly subscription pricing, support for a Rhino plugin and io of NURBS surfaces in addition to .obj.

Looking at the GS website, the above appears to have been scrapped. But what’s replaced it, if anything?

I’d be interested to have a look at GS in conjunction with Oculus Quest 2 but I don’t understand the current GS business model. Tethered headsets will be too much hassle to be viable with my clients but I’m not worried about having full-on VR presentation - I just want to see if GS and the Quest would benefit my workflow with some clients, without having to commit to expensive investment.

Hi @MattE
I think the “amateur” version is now called “Individual”; it’s free and available for download on the Oculus Store (and on Steam for non-Oculus users).
HTH, Jakob