GrasshopperPlayer automatically find a Grasshopper file and play it

I am creating a toolbar button that with a simple macro launches Grasshopper Player so I can select a particular script to run. That works fine but what I really would need to do is to get the Player to automatically find that script and run it (so the user doesn’t have to look for it manually). Seems like a pretty obvious thing but what would be the best way to do this?

Many thanks.

You can use this macro -_GrasshopperPlayer “C:\Users…”
Alternativelly you can also use Rhino scrip compiler to create a plugin with commands for those scrips.

Thank you Mats. I have tried the first option (macro) but it doesn’t work. It launches the grasshopper player but then ask to select the grasshopper script manually. (Frustrating because in theory it should work).

I’ll try the Rhino Script compiler but I was trying to keep things simple…