Grasshopper player with macro to call out command with Alias?

Hi guys, i have been using this grasshopper player and it is freaking awesome.

just one question, is there a way to put the grasshopper player in the macro to automatically open a grasshoppercode in a specific folder in my computer with specific name? so i can then map the command into alias / put it on the toolbar.

thank you!

Hi Runnie -

Yes, you can suppress dialog boxes with the command line version of the command:

-GrasshopperPlayer “D:\Test\”

Note that you can also use the built-in script compiler in Rhino 7 to convert your Grasshopper file into a plug-in with a command name.

Hi Wim, thanks for the reply.

i tried the command as follow:

-GrasshopperPlayer “C:\Grasshopperplayer\”

but somehow it didnt work:

Unable to load document: “C:\Grasshopperplayer\”

may i know what did i do wrong?

any progress on this problem? I have the same problem and cnnot solve it :frowning: Path is correct.

Edit: Okay, just remove the quotation marks in the command and it works :smiley:

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Hi -
Sorry I didn’t catch this one earlier.

The issue here are the “curly” quotation marks. When you have a file path / name with a space, you need to use quotation marks but they need to be of the regular straight type. When these are used here on Discourse, they are automatically changed into the curly type.