Grasshopper Type GetPlane(s) in API?

Hi @DavidRutten,
probably this is quite a bold question, I dare to ask anyway:

For a plugin I’m currently tinkering on I need the user to be able to set one or multiple planes in the Rhino Viewport. In my opinion “Set one Plane” and “Set Multiple Planes” as well as “Manage Plane collection” in GH do an amazing job at this task - much nicer than what I’m able to achieve with RhinoGet.GetPlane…

As it would be a whole lot of work to recreate/mimic those Commands as well as the “Manage Plane collection”-Form, I figured I’d ask if they already are or could be made avaliable via Rhino or Grasshopper .Net API? Maybe as some kind of special Grasshopper-Type Getters? That would make things a whole lot easier for me :slight_smile: .

Of course, please tell me if my question is rude manner - I know that I’m moving on a knife’s edge here asking you to give your carefully crafted beautiful Getters out for the kids to (re-/mis-)use… As an amateur programmer I don’t know how far in that direction is too far… :woozy_face:

Hi @romio82,

Most of the Grasshopper eye candy is pretty easy to code up yourself. For dynamically drawing a plane, see the attached.

TestRomuald.cs (3.1 KB)

– Dale

Hey @dale,

thanks a lot for that sample! Indeed, that doesn’t look too difficult on first sight…

As I need exactly the functionality already there in GH, I thought asking wouldn’t hurt :upside_down_face:
But probably you’re right and it isn’t too hard to do by oneself and I am just too lazy.
After all I can try to polish my coding skills a bit while doing it :slight_smile:

Thank you!