Grasshopper Surfaces Intersection as new Surfaces with Surroundings

Hey guys,

I am trying to write a little Grasshopper Script that looks at intersecting surfaces and returns the intersection as well as the surroundings that do not intersect as new surfaces.

The script works if i put a surface on each brep input. However, I would like the Script to automatically find all planar surfaces that intersect in my Rhino file (for example two times that two surfaces that intersect)) and create the intersection surfaces as well as the surroundings and delete the original surfaces as well.

I hope this description makes sense to you, if not I will try to explain it again.

In short: I do not want that “crazy flickering effect” when surfaces are coplanar.

Would be very happy about any ideas.


Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-19 um 17.30.48|690x338 (9.2 KB) (13.2 KB)


Hey Kim,

thank you for the nice solution, however I notice, that if I have curves at different heights that intersect, it has an error and does no produce solutions. Do you know why that is the case?