Grasshopper Solid Union - changing cross-section with radius factor

We have a geometry, Michell trusses, and we are trying to group the bars together to export for structural analysis. The cross section changes according with a slider with radius factor. However, solid union and trim are not working. File is attached. I appreciate your support. (13.2 KB)

Note that a robust solutions exists for rectangular cross sections, radius factor zero only, as per following link: Grasshopper Solid Union and Trim on Breps

Thanks in advance.

the starting part here will always be super troublesome if confronted with solid union, expecially because all the axis curves lie on the very same plane:

this is certainly not a solution, but if you trim out at reparametrized t=0.06 (the first 6% of the axis curves) it starts working (with Rhino Absolute tolerance set to 0.001) (13.5 KB)

it looks like Rhino has problems when the fillet is going to disappear and the different top (and bottom) co-planar surfaces ABCDEF have to be joined together

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