Grasshopper shaded preview material

In Rhino 5, no Grasshopper preview geometry was shiny.

In Rhino 6, the shaded preview is glossy by default. How can I change the basic preview material so it has no gloss?

I know I could use a custom preview component but I’d like to get rid of the reflections in the actual material.


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I’ll have to take a look at that. Don’t remember changing the material code, but it’s been a long time since I touched gh for R5 code.

Not sure if I explained my desire well enough: I think the basic display mode for Grasshopper shouldn’t be glossy at all.

I can’t make it look good within the confines of the current api. If I don’t make it shiny then it becomes really difficult to see the curvature within the shape silhouette.

I think I’ll just let this be for GH1… sorry.