Grasshopper script viewer on mobile device

Is there any Google Play store application or Apple Store app using which we can view grasshopper scripts

Just viewing to start with will be a new revolutionary step towards parametric design


Nope. Just view the canvas, or also view the 3d previews?

Is there a logical possibility to expect this sooner?

If yes,
What softwares would it require to realise it?

It would require Rhino to run on the device. Grasshopper is a Rhino plugin, so you either need Rhino, or you need to have access to an instance of Rhino online.

I’d recommend a remote desktop solution for now

I have a crazy idea… What if there’s a cloud access to the software so that it can be accessed via phone… or tablets… and even PC’s that has no rhino software installed :slight_smile:

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So the crazy idea is we start giving away Rhino for free? It would solve a lot of licensing and distribution issues.


Got your point. Dot.