Grasshopper python - Loft surface not showing up

Hi, I am trying to lofting surfaces from GHpython. I’ve tried both rs.AddLoftSrf() and rg.Brep.CreateFromLoft() methods. The script run successfully but none of the surfaces are showing up in the space. Please see below screenshot and script. Please help if anyone knows why.

GHpython_Loft Srf not showing (519 Bytes)
GHpython_Loft Srf not showing (4.7 KB)

HI YinglinW
The AddLoftSrf() function return a list,So you need to write MySrfA.append(a[0]) like this.

This is my gh file:
GHpython_Loft Srf not showing up .gh (10.1 KB)

Hi Naruto, thanks so much for such a good tip