Grasshopper Player (custom tools & wish list)

UaIAh (18.9 KB)
help me please. can this be fixed somehow? how can you connect a bake and a kangaroo?

kangaroo in Grasshopper Player works constantly. how can i turn off work???

Hi @taraskydon

One trick I’ve found useful when combining Kangaroo and GHPlayer is to include an extra unused number input below the others. You can see this in the example files I posted further up this thread.

You never actually input this number when prompted when the Player command is running, and instead end the command by pressing Enter, but having it there lets the solver keep running during the command and stop when it’s done.


sorry but no, it didn’t help :sob:
onActiveCurve_ (1).gh (20.9 KB)

Bake (42.6 KB)

did works but there is a critical issue. if the work is not completed correctly Rhino starts to glitch. :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:

Very nice
I don’t know if that possible or not, if you can make the sliders and other controls always parallels to the viewport plane , projected to the plane of the camera.

import Rhino as rh
import Rhino.Geometry as rg

width = rh.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Views.ActiveView.Bounds.Width
height = rh.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Views.ActiveView.Bounds.Height
plane = rh.RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Views.ActiveView.ActiveViewport.GetCameraFrame()

t0 = rg.Interval(-width/2,width/2)
t1 = rg.Interval(-height/2,height/2)

a = rg.Rectangle3d(plane[1],t0,t1)


by found interesting additions.



AddTextDot.gha (11.5 KB)


please share.

I thought about it a bit & choices that came to mind were overlay and custom linear one.. .

I seem to have find new rabbit holes on this forum. :thinking:
What is a grasshopper player?

I’ve came to this thread to check once again how to create the buttons, since It’s a fair solution to call some definition to my dayly job, but when I try to create the button, the command _GrasshopperPlayer always shows the window to load the file manually… I can set it to go directly to the file that I want?

The command follows:
_GrasshopperPlayer _Document "C:\Users\myuser\Desktop\"

Thank you!


make sure path is correct (above shows my path)

Apparently, if my file has some space in the middle like c:\users\leonardo_spacebar_PC rhino says that couldn’t load the file… interesting, but solved, just changed the path.

Thanks for your help!

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Enclose your path in double quotes:

-_GrasshopperPlayer "C:\Path with spaces\"

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Makes sense! It worked now!

Thank you!

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a few more tests:


Very nice work.
About the issue with things continuing to run in the background, I believe the fix for this (thanks to Steve) went into the latest service release candidate.

Also - I recently made a new goal that I thought might be useful for some of these custom interfaces.
It orients a frame to align with the grid direction of a quad mesh.
Although quad meshes don’t have global u/v directions like surfaces do, it is still possible to find locally aligned frames (which are maybe useful for orienting features, or further interface widgets). (266.4 KB)

(you might notice that the arrow turns as it moves around an irregular vertex - this is due to holonomy!)

I’ll later add some similar goals for aligning frames to NURBS surfaces and curves.


oh nice! looking fwd to that :wink:

the new orient goal looks very cool! I can already think of some use for it!
“irregular vert” : are you talking about around 0:17 ? looks like topology at the tip helps
turn the arrow, yep, it’d be cool to have a toggle direction (esp for geo w/ gaps or holes)

Yes - it’s when it moves around a vertex where there are not 4 surrounding faces that the arrow has to turn.

I agree it will definitely also be useful to also include an input to toggle between the 4 possible alignment directions directly - I just thought it was a fun effect to see how it turns even just through topology.

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I’m very impressed with how beautiful “controllers?” you are building to manipulate with the geometry.

@DanielPiker Do you think that it would be possible to have a component similar to the Grab but which would allow us to also use precise text input? Or flip dot position on the curve? - more like a button in this case.


the holonomy toys are fantastic!

His Dodecahedral grasshopper definition looks to be a bit of a maze in itself.

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