Grasshopper Player: Custom order for Prompt Message?


Lately, I have been testing the Grasshopper Player and it seems working pretty well, but after running the script through from Rhino all the Get component’s Prompts (“Get string”, “Get Geometry”, “Get Number” etc) are getting shuffled in appearance, not maintaining any order. For example: To make a box I want to provide the Length first and the Width value second and lastly Height. But in this case, they don’t maintain any particular order in the Rhino window.

I am wondering is there any way to maintain the Prompt sequence in a custom order?

Prompt sequence should match order of the ‘Get’ components visually on the canvas from upper left toward lower right in order


Thanks a lot @stevebaer! It’s working perfectly!

Btw if you know the source of this particular info then I would like to check it. Just curious to know how/why/where to get these sort of interesting facts. Would really appreciate that, cheers!