Grasshopper Monoceros "Materialize Slots"-Problem

Hello people!
I´m working on an architectural project using Monoceros and everything works quite well - except for materializing the slots. I defined 288 slots (white in the screenshot), but the outcome of “Materialize Slots” materializes 8640 slots with geometries (green) which go way beyond the defined world constraint. Does anybody know how I could fix this? Thank you all! :slight_smile:

Materialize Slots (183.7 KB)

thank you for using Monoceros.
The solution to your problem is simple:

The result then looks like this:

The reason is this:
Each Module may contain more than one piece of geometry, therefore the Geometry input of the Construct Module component expects a list of geometries (you can still input just one or none at all). Because you grafted the Module Names and Module Part Points (which is the correct way but in your specific case unnecessary), you also need to graft your Geometry inputs. Then each branch of Module Names will be matched with the respective branch of Module Part Points and Geometry.

In your original solution, each Module contained all the pieces of geometry, also the ones intended for other modules. In other words, everything was everywhere. To see what I mean, select a single Module using List item and you’ll see all geometries but just a single Module cage. Therefore each Module was placed on a correct position but it brought along all the remaining geometry. It is as if the physical version of the module was huge and way beyond its cage.


Thanks for the super quick response, Jan! That´s very helpful :smiley:

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