Grasshopper Make 2D clipping plan fails

hello ,
I am receiving this error message everytime I connect a clipping plane to the Make 2D component in GH,
the same geometry works fine without clipping plan. am I doing something wrong here?
“Hidden line drawing failed to compute”

clipping plan (6.3 KB)

Internalize data and post the gh-file.

(right.-click data params and chose “internalize”)

// Rolf

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clipping plan (6.3 KB)
thank you in advance

Try not to supply your optional clipping plane input… And make sure your projection rectangle to be located outside of your geometry…

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actuall it works with out the clipping plane as I mentioned above, but I want to achieve is a view with a clipping plane on, for the background of a section,
I also found out that make 2d in grasshopper is destructive for the objects’ attributes, unlike make 2d in rhino 6 that preserves the attributes of the object,
is there any workaround for it ?
thanks in advance

I don’t think it’s the best way for you, anyway have a look at this way.

clipping plan (15.9 KB)

make sure the z in the clipping plane is facing the right way

its happening to me as well …

Same problem here… anybody with an answer?

I think it is the same as this one: Make 2D Rhino 6 Clipping Plane issue