Grasshopper - Loft: Solution exception, index was out of range


I just started working with GH and came across the error (title of this post). I’m not sure what to do, as all other topics on this error are about curves and other topics than what my design should become.

See screenshot and/or GH file attached

If anyone knows a solution or could help out, that would be amazing!

facade (19.3 KB)

Hi Quan Li,
This is solved when the Rhino file is opened as well.
Thanks for helping anyway, I appreciate it!

facade structure.3dm (6.3 MB)

You’re getting failures with the Loft component because your inputs contain null items.

If you trace your file upstream, you will find that these null items originate at the Project Points component.

If you add a Clean Tree component after the Project Points component, the Loft components work without errors.

This is the output from the Loft components.

facade (19.5 KB)

References geometry from your Rhino file:


Hi Kevin,

Thanks a lot for your reply and your help!
I will make sure to study your _re file and take the lessons forward!

Again, thanks a lot!