Grasshopper loft issue

Hello there,
I hope all is well.

As you can see in the attached file, the curves are not lofting at the end of the algorithm.
Also, the Voronoi curves on the brep surface is not covering the middle part + some of the edges.

Thanks. loft (16.1 KB)
loft.3dm (519.2 KB)


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Looks like a typical data tree problem. See White group. For the second issue, move your bounding box slightly downward would help.

loft (114.8 KB)

Much thanks!

Hello again,
How about this time, why does the design exceeding the edge of the doOut of Circle Edge.3dm (543.2 KB)
me?Out of the circle (14.6 KB)

That’s because your surface is a “Trimmed” surface. See the linked topic bellow if it’s helpful.