Are there any free Rhino?

Hi everyone, this is my first time on this forum. I’m a broke structural engineering student trying to learn Grasshopper and Karamba analysis that is based on Rhino 3D, so that I can be more attractive to the firms. I’ve seen on the website that Rhino 3D has student version, but it is almost $200. And as a student, I can’t afford that price. I’m wondering if there are any other source that is cheaper and more affordable?

Thank you very much!

PS.: Not looking for illegal version.

90 day free trial. Some reseller offer a small discount, but as I know there‘s no alternative. Ever tried the computer lab at your university? Don‘t know any where Rhino isn‘t available.

Thank you very much!

Hello - the trial version will run past the 90 days (file saving & plug-ins disabled) , so you can keep learning is but I’m not sure off hand how that affects Grasshopper itself after the 90 days.


Grasshopper won’t launch after 90 days, tells you the command doesn’t exist.