Grasshopper Ladybug Sun Analysis

Ladybug Grasshopper.3dm (1.7 MB)
Hi Grasshopper Users,

I’m trying to have my open fins direct sunlight forwards inside the interior of each of the floor plates with the attractors (seen on the left side) using the sun analysis. I tried adjusting the fins and even turning on and off the preview components but I haven’t had much luck. I don’t know what seems to be the problem? Am I missing a component or adjust the wrong component inside the script? I’m working on the first-row script that’s not disabled. (Note that the model has been projected upwards on the c-plane to allow some light but my goal is to allow light admitted in through the fins on the floor plates)

  • In addition, I have another error where my number on the dashboard is overlapping one another and I don’t know how to adjust that even I tried fixing it through the slidders.

I’m sorry for the trouble and hope this can be fix.

Thank you much in advance for your help!

Grashopper Screipt (360.6 KB)