Grasshopper - Galapagos optimization


do you know why galapagos is not working for me?

it is an optimization with just 2 variables.

I get odd results, same EUI for the same orientation but different WWR

Assignment Thermal Comfort Module Shading.3dm (155.3 KB)

Assignment Thermal comfort Module (288.9 KB)

thanks in advance

Your question involves 3rd party plugin, and not everyone installed it.
So it is hard for others to test your program, because in order to do so, others must install and then learn this 3rd party plugin and get some basic idea of it.
I think this time you are on your own.

Some important notes:
1: Galapagos does not mean magic, it is just Genetic and Annealing in a component. If your problem does not converge at all, Genetic and Annealing are useless.
2: If some words in your area are involved such as EUI and WWR, you will have to explain them along with all the concept related. Rhino users are not all architects, and not all architects deal with climate related problem.

Good luck sir, I wish I can help you

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thanks a lot no worries it is ok

WWR window wall ratio
EUI energy use intensity