Optimization with galapagos/doesnt into account some parameters

Hello everyone.

I am trying to do an optimization process to minimize energy consumption with galapagos. I have 10 genomes like wwrs, wall materials, glazing types. But however when I started the optimization galapagos doesnt use some parameters for optimization. For example, there are two wall types, only one wall type is used in all the solutions it creates and the slider has never changed. I got the same problem with glazing type too. Is there a solution for it? @DavidRutten cause a large solution range is eliminated from any consideration. I know it’s a random selection, but is there any way to include them in the selection?

By the way my settings are:
Max. Stagnant: 30
Population: 50
Initial boost: 10

I wonder if a slider with only two possible states causes issues. Try and create three states on the slider to so if the second one is ever picked.

I have same problem with the slider which has 4 values. What could be the reason for this?