Grasshopper for Mac - Interpolate curve problem


In the latest RhinoWIP (5.4 5e63w) the ‘Interpolate Curve’ component in Grasshopper doesn’t work with more than 16 points. Is this normal?

Maybe I just haven’t noticed it so far.

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Not normal certainly. There is a lower limit of points associated with the degree you’re looking for, but there should be no upper limit.

Thanks, David!

Hi @furtonb

Sorry for the slow uptake. Did you get your problem sorted out?

I was unable to reproduce what you reported. IntCrv seems to be working just fine for me. Here’s the definition I used to test… (7.9 KB)

What are we doing differently?

Hi Dan,

Yes, I’ve upgraded to 5E75w, the test definition and the one I used to have problems with works just fine.


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