Grasshopper Feature Request - Default screen on multi-monitor

Is it possible for the program window to remember it’s location when closed?
When I boot grasshopper, I typically have an external monitor. Currently, it always loads a new session or a new file within a current session on top of my rhino window regardless of whether or not another monitor is connected. I then have to drag it off the main screen to my second after it’s done loading, which occasionally takes several minutes with large files.

A secondary request is to be able to drag a widget from one place on the grasshopper canvas to another with drag velocity proportionate to the distance I drag the cursor off screen.

Thank you so much for this program! You all do amazing work, I am very very grateful for the tools you make.

Yes, this is a known issue. It will probably be fixed sooner or later. :wink:

// Rolf

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copy that.
what about the drag acceleration?

The panning speed is proportional to the distance between the mouse cursor and the canvas control boundary:

Or did I misunderstand?

As we’re creating a wishlist, can I add a couple? :slight_smile:

I wish that Grasshopper window can be disconnected from Rhino window in such a way that:

  1. When I click on Rhino window it does not put GH window on top of every other app I have opened.
  2. When I minimize Rhino I want GH to be kept in its restored/maximized position. Sometimes I just need Rhino and sometimes I just need GH and if have a window with some book or data on the side it gets hidden, so I have to move GH window on top of Rhino window.
    BTW, that second one should also be valid for RhinoPython editor.

(mainly using single monitor)

just circling back to this.
I do see that the drag is proportional. however, I have a multi monitor setup and I find that the drag velocity implements when I drag far off the edge of the grasshopper window. since my screens aren’t the same resolution or orientation, when I move the cursor to another screen to speed the pan along, it will jump which makes the panning hard to follow.