Grasshopper expert needed for architectural workshops

Dear Forum,
I am an architect developing an interface with digital architectural modeling in Rhino using physical models and microsensors. this technique is being developed in in-person workshops conducted at high profile digital design conferences and architectural universities.
I am looking for someone who is an expert in Grasshopper and who would be interested in assisting me with these workshops. This is an academic research and unpaid position, therefore the incentive is only to develop an academic CV.
Also the person would need to be fluent in English and located in Europe.
If interested please reply to this post here. Thank you sincerely.

Hello, could you please send me a private msg about the details? (Your school, position, etc.)
I work in Academia and is a bit interested in this workshop.

yes i can do that, please email me: aileen(at)mass-specific(dot)com