Grasshopper doesn't like Tektosyne library

Hi Everyone!

I am trying create a WPF window that will open everytime i doubleclick my component. The window itself does work but then when I tried to use a library called Tektosyne (you can find the library here the component just disappeared from GH. The reason why i use this library because i want to build some function related to geometry and graphic for interactive data visualization. I am planning to use it for generating delaunay and set a pixel info of the visualization graphic.

Does any one has experience with similar problems?



What does that mean? Does the icon disappear from the toolbars? Does the component disappear from the canvas? Is it no longer drawn on the canvas? Did you override the component attributes, or only the double-click behaviour? Are there any error messages, perhaps in the Rhino Command History?

Hi David, Thanks for the respond. I think the problem was because I didn’t put the tektosyne dll files in the folder where I have the the .gha file of my component. Once I did put the dll files, the component shows up in the GH components toolbars. I guess because the component didn’t manage to find the library so it doesn’t work , or maybe you will have better explanation about this problem. :slight_smile: