Grasshopper doesn't find Yak package

I have successfully uploaded my plugin (Opossum 2.1.0) to Yak.
To test Yak, I deleted Opossum from my Grasshopper components folder (on Rhino 6).

When I open a file with Opossum, Grasshopper recognises that Opossum is missing and searches the server. However, it doesn’t find Opossum. Manually installing Opossum via Yak works.


What is creating the link between a plug-in on Yak and how it is identified in Grasshopper?
The name of the *.gha file? The secret ID in the manifest? The GUID?

I’m also not sure where the information on Object, Plug-in, Version, and Author is set in in my code for the component. Presumably they should be identical?


Hi Thomas, when the package name and the Grasshopper plug-in name don’t match, the GUID is used.

I downloaded Opossum v2.1.0 and I noticed that the value of the “” in the manifest file doesn’t match the GHA’s GUID.

I recommend that you back up the manifest file, remove it and run the spec command again. This should set the correct GUID in the “” field. You can then edit the manifest.yml file to update the name, author, description, etc., using the back up as a reference.

I’ve manually updated the GUID in the package server’s database, so Package Restore should now work with the new version of your plug-in.

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Perfect, thanks @will! It’s great to see this working :grinning:.

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