Grasshopper definition problem

I have the problem that i can’t change the types of grasshopper definitions, especially lists. Number slider are no problem but value list are always integer and I can’t change it.

Hello, what do you mean you cannot change it? Could you share any example?

Thank you

Hello, this is a simple test definition but with other files i have the same problems.
I had not the problem in Rhino6. (in older Version of Visualarq)

I can’t change the “Parameter Type”, Knob and so on are not the problem but list are only Integer and when I export as ifc then will only the array index be exportet but not the content.

I fogot to say I use Rhino7 and so I can’t say if the problem in Rhino6 with the current Version of Visualarq exist.

Hello, I have been checking previous VisualARQ versions and it looks like it has always worked like this.

Which VisualARQ version were you using before?

Anyway, if you use a floating number instead of an Integer, you will be able to modify it as you prefer.

Hello, It must be a version around 10 months before.

How can I use a list object that is a text when i export the Visualarq to ifc?


Is to export a geometry which has parameters with a limited number of values to choose what you need?

Take into account the information which can be imported and exported through IFC file format: IFC - VisualARQ