Grasshopper Coordinate Origin


I recently imported coordinates (X/Y/Z) from an .xls file into Grasshopper in order to construct multiple points. But unfortunately, the constructed points in grasshopper did not match to the rhino coordinates meaning the point (0/0/0) in Grasshopper is not matching to the point (0/0/0) in Rhino.
Previously, I had to change Rhino’s CPlane origin and I assume that Grasshopper is still relying on the previous CPlane origin.

is it possible to make sure that both GH and Rhino are relying on the same the coordinate system?

Thank you for your help!

Coordinate (7.1 KB)

Your Rhino 'Zero (0,0,0) point is anything but.

The two share the same coordinates.

just had to deconstruct the plane of the rhino (0/0/0), then change the plane origin and construct the points in GH based on the new cplane :slight_smile: