Grasshopper C# component from Rhino 8 not working in Rhino 7

As the title suggests, I made a c# component in gh rhino 8 which is not recognised when I open the same script in Rhino 7 grasshopper.

Error in Rhino 7

Wondering if C# components are not reverse compatible. Or if am missing any obvious references in rhino 7?


Hi Srujan -

Components that are new in Rhino 8 are not reverse compatible. That is also the case for the new C# component that uses the new Rhino and Grasshopper script editor.

You can still place legacy components on the canvas in Rhino 8 and those will also open in Rhino 7. You can find legacy components by double-clicking the canvas and using an hatch character in front of the component’s name:



thanks for getting back @wim
that resolves it. Cheers