Grasshopper branche

Good evening everyone, I hope you are doing well !!
I’m opening this topic because I have a list management problem.
In the 3 branches, I want to take the FIRST and the LAST number (like à cull with 0 and -1) and delete them. How can I do this please.
Big thanks for your answers and good evening !!

You can use Cull Index with 0 and -1.

But that’s not what your image shows.

At first thanks you for your response !
But you have delet first and last IN every branch (photo 1), but i want delete the first and the last like that (photo 2).

Yeah, that was my wild guess, based on a poor description of the goal.

Had you said “FIRST and the LAST branch”, I would have got it right the first time.

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YES finaly !!! big thanks !!!
it work !! :sunglasses: :partying_face: