DataTree selection rules: How to delete the last one on each branch?

As the picture show, I want to delete the first point and the last point in these branch.
The first one is easy. But what about the last one? I can’t find a rule to do these.
Thank you!

If you’re willing to use Cull Index then you can use the indices 0 and -1 to remove the first and last item in each branch. If you want to use the Split Tree component then it becomes a lot harder.

Thank you!
I suggest that you can build a rule like '?-1‘ to the split component for deleting the last one.
I really want to get this rule.

I’ll need to think hard about whether it would conflict with any of the rule evaluation logic. In the meantime, you can do this using Split Tree: (9.7 KB)

Great!I’m really looking forward to get the new rule.
And, many thanks to you for your GH.

Hi David,

Is there any update on this feature?
I’m trying to get my head around GH data tree syntax by creating patterns on the grid and the current methods (at least the ones I’m aware of) are a bit convoluted without being able to access the lenght of branches and item lists.