Grasshopper and Python beginning

Hi, I try to make a simple thing with python in Grasshopper, but it doesn’t run…
an idea?
i would like to trace a close polyline with x and y on slider…
test (4.5 KB)

2020-04-04 15_25_56-Grasshopper Python Script Editor

Simply change "out with “a”. You will get the polyline.

ok… thank you, i think i tried a and out, but, it seams no!!!
what is the difference between a and out?

The output Out is only for giving information to scriptor regarding the erros.
a is your result.2020-04-04 16_11_18-Grasshopper - test python (1)_ test python (1).gh (4.2 KB)

how can i do this without python? only with Gh? is it faster with python or without? (14.4 KB)

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