Grasshopper 2 Alpha - Feature?

I am loving the new features and GUI of Grasshopper 2 so far! Great work!

One potential feature that would be a big workflow improvement in my perspective (coming from Unreal Engine blueprints) is the ability to prompt the node search bar when you drag out a wire into blank graph space and release.

In Unreal Engine Blueprint editor you can drag out a wire from any node, release in blank graph space, and you are prompted with the search bar to then type what node you are looking for. (they take it a step further by having a “Context Sensitive” boolean that limits the search to compatible nodes but I see that as much more a nice to have.

It may not seem like much of a difference but if you are a fast iterator in visual scripting the step saved from creating one GH node, creating another, and then connected the wire would be huge!

Now I see a fundamental issue in that the second node may not know which input the wire should connect to and that could cause some issues in programming that functionality. Potentially it assumes the first node when dragging from an output and vice versa when dragging out a new node from an input and if you selected a node that is not compatible the wire would “snap” while turning red for a moment and a little red x shows up at the wire mid point. (If that makes sense)

Please let me know your thoughts if anyone else thinks this would be beneficial or there is a different solution that would help speed up the connection process I am unaware of.

Thank you all!


This is pretty much exactly what you’re after, even with the ability to specify which connection per component.

Game changer for my workflow


Here is another one:

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Thank you @Brett_Abroe and @Dani_Abalde! These are perfect, should have known something like this existed already. Thanks for sharing the knowledge!