Grasshopper 1.0 new features list

Dear all GH users. This topic is created to collect all the new stuff available in Grasshopper 1.x in order to have a complete overview of all the new functionalities and how they will work.

Thank you for your collaboration.

Incomplete list of new features:

  • Support for Screen UI scaling.
  • Data Output and Data Input components added.
  • Object Details component added.
  • Relay object added, along with double-click-on-wire interaction for automatic insertion.
  • More File and Folder selection schemes added to the File Path parameter.
  • Child-layer notation now supported in the Geometry Pipeline object.
  • Support for variable inputs in the Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication arithmetic components.
  • Custom using statements added to the C# and VB script components.
  • Sequence component added (I think anyway, I no longer have R5 and GH0.9 installed to check).
  • Flip Plane component added.
  • Quad Sphere component added.
  • Control Point Loft component added.
  • Fit Loft component added.
  • Fillet Edge component along with various edge selection components added.
  • Flip Mesh component added (again, not sure about this one).
  • Unify Mesh component added (ditto, not sure).
  • Split Brep and Split Brep Multiple added (someone check these against GH0.9).
  • Make 2D component and various view setup components added.
  • Sort Ascending and Sort Descending options added to Quick Graph.
  • Symbol (Simple), Symbol (Advanced) and Symbol Display components added.
  • Custom Preview component now sends meshes+materials to the render pipeline in rendered viewports and RDK compliant render engines.
  • The Material parameter can now be instantiated by providing the name of a material in the current 3dm file or by specifying an *.rmtl file.

Don’t forget all FlowSporph
A tentative of list was put there

All the Brep edge selection components.

Attaching @laurent_delrieu image of the new components here.

Thanks Michael
A tentative to update GH1.0 new (40.2 KB) I have no more Python , I had problem, suppress it and I don’t manage to reinstall it.

I like this battery. How is this battery code written?

It is surely coded using Rhinocommon function

I seem to remember I just create a nurbs-surface with specific control point locations.

They are called components, not battery.

Some of my esteemed colleagues at the Robert McNeel & Associates software development department call them “batteries” as well. Not quite sure where it came from, but it’s clearly not going away.

But what do they charge :smiley:

9V batteries can look like this:

And the Grasshopper equivalent:



// Rolf


I know why, just don’t recall who did it first and when.