Grass scatter and blade generator definintions

This is my definitions for grass generation and scattering on the surface.
I think it will be useful for someone.
Regards (119.3 KB) (98.7 KB)


Hi Namarcin

This is really great, and I’ve been looking for a rhino-scatter for a long time :slight_smile:
Cause I want to scatter simple blocks and not only proxies as with “scatter” for grashopper.

But is it possible to make a component to change the unit?
I do a lot of modelling in meter, as I work at a city-scale, and would like to use your scatter to create a forest etc.:slight_smile:

You just have to change the units in Rhino, that’s all.See the screenshot below.

I’m glad you like my definition.

Oh yeah, it works perfectly! Thank you so much. I thought I was able to see the geometry before baking… My bad :open_mouth: :slight_smile:

And I think I was just confused about the Seed values. I thought they were representing big values in millimeter. But why are these numbers so big? Just curious :slight_smile:

Hi, these seed numbers are because there is a greater possibility of random positioning of objects while sliding the slider.
These numbers do not represent distances, but are for a random number generator.
Best regards