Grashopper Problem Join surface with smoth transition

Hello everyone, good to be in a nice group like this; I have a beginner question.

I have one week that I am working with Grasshopper; I have 6 years using Dynamo, so in part, the transition goes well, but I am struggling with the conversion of the components.

I am developing a case study for my Master thesis, and I am working on developing shell optimization. So right now, I am at the beginning of the script, and I don’t know how to smooth the transition between two surfaces that I want to join to create only one that I can form folding after.

Final Goal

In those pictures, I show the expected result that I want to do with Grasshopper because I plan to use generative design to find the optimization; that’s the main reason I want to do it with Grasshopper instead of Grasshopper Rinho.

Could you be able to guide me about how I can create this? The script is here; I will be thrilled to hear your ideas. I am using Grasshopper 1.0.0007 (45.9 KB)

Photo of the Real Project Stozice Arena