Grashopper Component Input modification Tekla

Hi All

Is there a way to modify /Change Inputs .Using Grasshopper Component ?


Inputs only available on creation only. Once component created i no longer have access to inputs ?

Can any one please shy me light here ?


hi There, i’m using tekla 2018 and i’m not having this problem. See gif below of demonstration.
Are you right clicking on the tekla parameter to set new geometry?


Did you open the definition from the pen button in the dialog? If so, that has some limitations (like you can’t pick objects in Rhino or Tekla). Try launching a stand-alone instance of Rhino/Grasshopper instead and open the definition from there. A bit more info here:




It works this way no problem. Problem is when you use grasshopper component there is no option to change inputs

Hi Sebastian

All i want to know if there is a way to change inputs after creation using Grasshopper component.

I can get to all options but creation inputs no accessible.

Is that possible without opening stand alone version?


Ah right, got you. Generally to change inputs you would need to delete the inserted component in Tekla and then insert a new one by clicking the Grasshopper Component icon in the Component Catalog. Then you are asked to pick new inputs.

If your input is points or lines, you could also select the inserted component, then hold down Alt and click on one of the purple input points in the Tekla UI. Then you can move that point using e.g. Ctrl+M. To select many purple points, hold down Alt and drag over them with the mouse.


If the input is other model objects or you want to change the number of input points/line vertices, deleting and re-inserting is the only way to go.

That’s the way custom components work in Tekla.




Hi sebastian

thanks for your time again.

Would there be a way to incorporate this functionality as “Framing Tool” have access to points


By clicking this option allowing me to reposition previously created points ?

what do you think?


Hi again, if you mean a more direct way to move the input points by simply dragging them (using what’s called Direct Modification) then yes there might be a clever way to incorporate this - but that’s not currently on the table as moving them the way i described earlier should achieve the same result.

Direct modification can also be used to change attribute values (like the stud spacing for the Framing Panel component in your pic) which would be useful, but not sure about the best way to allow setting up interactions like that in a Grasshopper definition.