Gradually increase distances between elements in Z direction?

Hi guys.

I have a brick wall as you can see in the attached files. My goal is increase the distance between gaps in each row of bricks. So let’s say that I want more distance between gaps in the bottom and i want reduce the distance at the top of the wall, but the this distance gap difference should be gradually. Do you have any idea how to do it?! Thanks!

Spacing Bricks.3dm (79.2 KB)
Spacing (6.8 KB)

Just for information

Do you wish to have an integral number of bricks on each layer, and for all the gaps on each layer to be identical?

I have cleaned up your file a little bit in the meantime. Fewer shapes are made and by hiding the planes the display performance is much better. Spacing Bricks (simplified).gh (15.6 KB)

No exactly. I would try to explain it better because maybe it was confusing:

Let’s imagine that the wall is composed by 200 rows of bricks. What i wish is to icrease gradually in Z direction the distance of the gap in each row of brick, but always having the same gap distance in X direction.

Example: In the 1st row the gap distance could be always 18cm, in 2nd the distance gap could be 17,8 cm , in 3rd row 17.6 cm…Always following this principle to the last row of brick where the distance gap could be 1 cm.

Thanks again

The height of the bricks should be always the same (8 cm for example). Actually, it might be more simply or easy if I add 2 bricks per row. I.e in the 1st row I could have 200 bricks, in the 2nd row I coudl have 202…So n+2 in each row. Do you have any idea how to do it?

I am sorry if it is not so clear…please tell me if you need more info. Thanks

I think I get it now, I was indeed confused. If you only slightly increase the gap size (or the brick count) per row, you’ll start getting areas where the bricks are mostly vertically stacked. This might not be a problem for you though.

The trick is to generate a different division range for each row: Spacing Bricks (simplified).gh (15.3 KB)

I see! Very useful. Thanks for your help !