Brick wall stacking with gradual spacing

currently, I have done so far like the above pic.

somehow, I wonder it is possible to manipulate spacing of bricks like this pic.

well, my script makes each brick rotates with the certain angle depending on position along the curved surface, but they have the same space to the next brick.

but the it is totally different story to stack with the same size brick, while changing the space gradually.

if I draw a line along the surface, and use ‘closet point’, ‘scale’, ‘domain’, ‘remap’ components…
it is possible to generate the brick wall like the second brick wall pic. but, the size of the brick is changed as well…

the same bricks, and gradual spacing…they are so difficult…i got no idea…
does it require a mathematical sequence equation? or something??

If someone has a clue, please save my life. give me your favor.