Grace Hopper

I’m a bit late for Women’s day, but I found this both interesting and punny :

Interesting side note, Bob McNeel is/was a COBOL programmer.

Who is working on the legacy systems still using COBOL? If they are under 110 years old, they must have decided this is a valid career path, and, given the sloth at which governmental agencies move, maybe with good reason! At some point in the future there will be a field known as “classical programming”, requiring knowledge of long dead languages like VB and Java, in addition to understanding the hardware they ran on. Personally, I don’t have much faith in the ability of society to store and maintain this knowledge, which is why I commit everything I know to cave paintings.

For some mysterious reason, the French intro for Battlestar Galactica went like this : “By the grace of the lord of the Coboles,… bla bla…”

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