Golden Ratio Curve not nice

I tried put together some scrap code for drawing a Golden Ratio curve but when using Interpolate Curve component to draw the final curve the CurvatureGraph doesn’t look nice (well, I could see without the graph that the curvature wasn’t very smooth at all).

Is the bumpy curvature below to be expected or have I done something terribly wrong? The curve is Degree 3.

Golden (11.9 KB)

// Rolf

To me it is very nice!

I think everything is working fine and the problem has been giving the CurvatureGraph a curve with such a large range of curvature values. The CurvatureGraph needs a domain (the min and max curvature, I guess) to remap it in the domain of the model. As you are iterating towards the spiral focus in each new spiral segment, the curvature gets bigger and bigger.

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This is a definition using arc better than using interpolate

golden (13.8 KB)

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Hi Rolf,

I would say yes, because the golden rectangle/square subtraction method apparently only generates an approximation to the true golden curve.


Golden spiral interpolated from high point count polar equation (blue) overlaid on your golden rectangle version (red):

Curvature graph for interpolated polar equation curve:

Golden Ratio (22.7 KB)


You guys are cool I must say. :grinning:

This last version by @jeremy5 seems to be what I’m looking for. I will look into the Arc-version too ( I didn’t think that was possible with gradiuent changing radius but what looks good to the eye is what I’m after).

@Dani_Abalde, thanks for thinking it wasn’t too bad after all. At least that the curvature was expected… :slight_smile:

Have a good one.

// Rolf