GhPython unit and scale

When change unit system with scale this work only for exist objects in Rhino and it is very slow.
Can the scale work for grasshopper objects? and why it is so slow? (3.8 KB)

Grasshopper uses no units. The dimension is always related to the underlying document. If you change the documents unit from cm to m, a sphere with a diameter of 1 will then just be 1 m instead of 1 cm. But it doesn’t scale it up or down.

The scale argument you are using is rather a postprocess for all rhino objects. But obviously there is more to it if changing the documents unit, this is why it takes a bit to compute. If you do that on any solution run, that will even slow it down further.

If you want to scale you should use the Scale(factor) method which any geometrical based object owns. Of course you’ll need to do the math of your own, which shouldn’t be a problem.

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Tyank you
If the scale option work with grasshopper will be better.
When we internalise data and opening the model in different pc’s, the model need to scaled it automatically